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Paypal Payment

If you're not already a PayPal member, signing up for PayPal is easy! To learn more, or to get started,
click following banner link.


We accept Paypal payments for orders paid with international issued credit cards online through
PayPal's secure server system. Please pay paypal@junfac.com
 and remember that we ship only to the
Paypal Members with verified shipping address on the account. If you do not have a verified
Shipping address with PayPal, you can still use PayPal to send an E-Check. If you have any questions
regarding out PayPal Policy, please feel free to
contact us. Also you can confirm our Paypal verified
account status as follows or please click following image.



Once you have joined PayPal you can send your payment by entering our e-mail address in the
'Recipient's E-Mail' field on the 'Send Money' tab of PayPal. Please send payment to our account
. Please make sure you supply us with all the information we'll need to
properly ship your item!


Pay by Bank Transfers Internet Funds Transfer or ATM Funds Transfer (Bank-to-Bank)

Many of our international customers prefer to pay via bank transfer in US Dollars. Bank Transfer is a
safe and convenient alternative to credit cards.
In fact, it is safer, since no one can intercept your personal access numbers and misuse your credit
To order via bank transfer, please first submit your completed order / shipping information for
Instructions and your bank name, bank account number. (please email sales@junfac.com
), Please,
provide sufficient information so that we may properly process your order without delay. All
information is required. Your order will not process without a completed informations.

Also, Tell your bank teller or operate PC over the internet and ATM machine to wire funds to us as

Please mail a copy the Internet Funds Transfer or ATM Funds Transfer Transaction page or Bank
Transfer Transaction paper together with your order confirmation email to sales@junfac.com.